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Council Permits and Approval

Will I need to seek council approval or permit(s) before I purchase or start construction?

While this may be a simple enough question, there are many factors at play and as such, you will need to check out the links below for your state, and if needed you may need to check with your local council before deciding which item to purchase.

For more information on whether you need to apply for approvals and permits, you can find guidelines and details to contact your local council via the links below.

If you do not seek council approval before you extend your home or add any structure to your property, such as constructing your new garage, shed or carport, this may lead to costly penalties from local authorities.

There is a range of factors that are taken into consideration when adding a structure to your property, including:

* Available space
* Land zoning
* Restrictions on access due to structure size / type
* If and how it affects neighbouring properties
* Plus more - your local council / building authority should have the complete list

It is important to know that councils in each state may have different rules and regulations, and even between councils in the same state you may find the rules differ.

It is highly recommended that you check with your local council before you purchase and construct your new shed, garage or carport.

What do I need to know?

Depending on the structure size and type you wish to construct, you may require two items from your local council before you purchase.

1. Approval for adding your structure
2. A building permit

You may only require the approval (1), however we recommend you clarify with your local authorities if you need both before purchasing and constructing your next project.

Many council departments in Australia have general guidelines that states that a shed is exempt from requiring a council permit, providing all council guidelines are met.

An example of these guidelines are:

A. The floor area is no larger than 10m2
B. The walls are no higher than 2.5m-3m
C. There is a distance of at least 1m from a boundary fence