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Council Approvals in South Australia

In South Australia, you will be required to apply for Development Approval for a garden shed or similar structure if:

  • * Its use is more than secondary to a house (e.g. a separate house or business); and/or
  • * The floor area exceeds 15m² (10m² in the North Adelaide Historic Conservation Zone); and/or
  • * The width or length exceeds 3m and no part of the building is more than 2.5m above the natural surface of the ground and/or
  • * Is being constructed, added to or altered so that any portion is:
    - situated in closer to the street than the main building on the land
    - is within 900mm of a boundary of the land with a secondary street (if the land has frontage to more than 1 road
  • It is located within 6m of a corner boundary that faces two roads, other than where a 4m by 4m corner cut off has been provided and/or
  • If your property is identified as a Local or State Heritage Place

The following elements should be incorporated into the design of sheds, garages, carports, verandahs, pergolas and shade houses, particularly if they are located on side boundaries:

  • * A size and shape that complements and does not dominate the existing house or nearby houses;
  • * Building materials, colours and textures that complement the existing house or nearby houses; and
  • * Minimal overshadowing of the windows and private open space of adjoining properties.

Please note:

* We strongly recommend you discuss the proposed location of the garden shed with your neighbour(s) should you intend on locating the shed up to the side or rear boundary, or intend to use reflective material.

Contact your local council in SA

Council Website Email
Adelaide City Council http://www.adelaidecitycouncil.com/ city@adelaidecitycouncil.com
Adelaide Hills Council http://www.ahc.sa.gov.au/ mail@ahc.sa.gov.au
Alexandrina Council http://www.alexandrina.sa.gov.au/ alex@alexandrina.sa.gov.au
The Barossa Council http://www.barossa.sa.gov.au/ barossa@barossa.sa.gov.au
District Council of Barunga West http://www.barungawest.sa.gov.au/ barunga@barungawest.sa.gov.au
Berri Barmera Council http://www.berribarmera.sa.gov.au/ bbc@berribarmera.sa.gov.au
The City of Burnside http://www.burnside.sa.gov.au/ burnside@burnside.sa.gov.au
Campbelltown City Council http://www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au/ cityof@campbelltown.sa.gov.au
District Council Ceduna http://www.ceduna.sa.gov.au/ council@ceduna.sa.gov.au
City of Charles Sturt http://www.charlessturt.sa.gov.au/ council@charlessturt.sa.gov.au
Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council http://www.claregilbertvalleys.sa.gov.au/ admin@cgvc.sa.gov.au
District Council of Cleve http://www.cleve.sa.gov.au/ council@cleve.sa.gov.au
District Council of Coober Pedy http://www.cooberpedy.sa.gov.au/ dccp@cpcouncil.sa.gov.au
The Coorong District Council http://www.coorong.sa.gov.au/ council@coorong.sa.gov.au
District Council of the Copper Coast http://www.coppercoast.sa.gov.au/ info@coppercoast.sa.gov.au
District Council of Elliston http://www.elliston.sa.gov.au/ dce@elliston.sa.gov.au
The Flinders Ranges Council http://www.frc.sa.gov.au/ council@frc.sa.gov.au
District Council of Franklin Harbour http://www.franklinharbour.sa.gov.au/ council@franklinharbour.sa.gov.au
Town of Gawler http://www.gawler.sa.gov.au/ council@gawler.sa.gov.au
Regional Council of Goyder http://www.goyder.sa.gov.au/ council@goyder.sa.gov.au
District Council of Grant http://www.dcgrant.sa.gov.au/ info@dcgrant.sa.gov.au
City of Holdfast Bay http://www.holdfast.sa.gov.au/ mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au
Kangaroo Island Council http://www.kangarooisland.sa.gov.au/ kicouncil@kicouncil.sa.gov.au
District Council of Karoonda East Murray http://www.dckem.sa.gov.au/ council@dckem.sa.gov.au
District Council of Kimba http://www.kimba.sa.gov.au/ council@kimba.sa.gov.au
Kingston District Council http://www.kingstondc.sa.gov.au/ info@kingstondc.sa.gov.au
Wudinna District Council http://www.wudinna.sa.gov.au/ admin@wudinna.sa.gov.au
Light Regional Council http://www.light.sa.gov.au/ light@light.sa.gov.au
District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula http://www.lowereyrepeninsula.sa.gov.au/ mail@dclep.sa.gov.au
District Council of Loxton Waikerie http://www.loxtonwaikerie.sa.gov.au/ council@loxtonwaikerie.sa.gov.au
District Council of Mallala http://www.mallala.sa.gov.au/ info@mallala.sa.gov.au
City of Marion http://www.marion.sa.gov.au/ council@marion.sa.gov.au
Mid Murray Council http://www.mid-murray.sa.gov.au/ postbox@mid-murray.sa.gov.au
City of Mitcham http://www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au/ mitcham@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au
District Council of Mt Barker http://www.dcmtbarker.sa.gov.au/ council@dcmtbarker.sa.gov.au
City of Mt Gambier http://www.mountgambier.sa.gov.au/ city@mountgambier.sa.gov.au
District Council of Mt Remarkable http://www.mtr.sa.gov.au/ postmaster@mtr.sa.gov.au
The Rural City of Murray Bridge http://www.murraybridge.sa.gov.au/ council@murraybridge.sa.gov.au
Naracoorte Lucindale Council http://www.naracoortelucindale.sa.gov.au/ council@nlc.sa.gov.au
Northern Areas Council http://www.nacouncil.sa.gov.au/ ceo@nacouncil.sa.gov.au
The City Of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters http://www.npsp.sa.gov.au/ townhall@npsp.sa.gov.au
City of Onkaparinga http://www.onkaparingacity.com/ mail@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au
District Council of Orroroo Carrieton http://www.orroroo.sa.gov.au/ council@orroroo.sa.gov.au
District Council of Peterborough http://www.peterborough.sa.gov.au/ council@peterborough.sa.gov.au
City of Playford http://www.playford.sa.gov.au/ playford@playford.sa.gov.au
City of Port Adelaide Enfield http://www.portenf.sa.gov.au/ customer.service@portenf.sa.gov.au
Port Augusta City Council http://www.portaugusta.sa.gov.au/ admin@portaugusta.sa.gov.au
City of Pt Lincoln http://www.portlincoln.sa.gov.au/ plcc@plcc.sa.gov.au
Port Pirie Regional Council http://www.pirie.sa.gov.au/ council@pirie.sa.gov.au
City of Prospect http://www.prospect.sa.gov.au/ admin@prospect.sa.gov.au
District Council of Renmark Paringa http://www.renmarkparinga.sa.gov.au/ council@renmarkparinga.sa.gov.au
District Council of Robe http://www.council.robe.sa.gov.au/ council@robe.sa.gov.au
Municipal Council of Roxby Downs http://www.roxbydowns.com/ roxby@roxbycouncil.com.au
City of Salisbury http://www.salisbury.sa.gov.au/ city@salisbury.sa.gov.au
Southern Mallee District Council http://www.southernmallee.sa.gov.au/ council@southernmallee.sa.gov.au
District Council of Streaky Bay http://www.streakybay.sa.gov.au/ dcstreaky@streakybay.sa.gov.au
Tatiara District Council http://www.tatiara.sa.gov.au/ office@tatiara.sa.gov.au
City of Tea Tree Gully http://www.teatreegully.sa.gov.au/ cttg@cttg.sa.gov.au
District Council of Tumby Bay http://www.tumbybay.sa.gov.au/ dctumby@tumbybay.sa.gov.au
City of Unley http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/ pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au
City of Victor Harbor http://www.victor.sa.gov.au/ localgov@victor.sa.gov.au
Wakefield Regional Council http://www.wakefieldrc.sa.gov.au/ admin@wakefieldrc.sa.gov.au
Corporation of the Town of Walkerville http://www.walkerville.sa.gov.au/ walkerville@walkerville.sa.gov.au
Wattle Range Council http://www.wattlerange.sa.gov.au/ council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
City of West Torrens http://www.westtorrens.sa.gov.au/ csu@wtcc.sa.gov.au
District Council of Yankalilla http://www.yankalilla.sa.gov.au/ council@yankalilla.sa.gov.au
Yorke Peninsula Council http://www.yorke.sa.gov.au/ admin@yorke.sa.gov.au
The Corporation of the City of Whyalla http://www.whyalla.sa.gov.au/ council@whyalla.sa.gov.au